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Freddy's Famous Jalapeņo
Fry Sauce(TM)

Freddy's Famous Jalapeņo Fry Sauce(TM) oz. is the same secret sauce recipe enjoyed in Freddy's restaurants across the country, now with a spicy kick. Freddy's Jalapeņo Fry Sauce can also be used to spice up the flavor of sandwiches, burgers, chicken, and, of course, fries. Our Jalapeņo Fry Sauce brings the tasty Freddy's flavor home to your kitchen.

Freddy's Famous Seasoning/Fry Sauce is also available at participating Freddy's restaurants. Prices may vary at each restaurant and differ from the price listed on the Freddy's Shop.

(Purchases are limited to a quantity of 5 per customer. Freddy's Sauces and Seasoning are not available for re-sale except through pre-authorized distributors.)

Quantity Price
1 $3.99