Security Features

This web store has a number of security features and services built-in to keep you and your credit information safe. Please take a look at the following features, which should be visible in your browser now, in order to know what to look for to assure your safety in the future.

Each time you visit our site you should see our webstore has an encrypted link with your computer. Though this sounds technical it's very easy to confirm. If you look in the URL bar, at the top of your screen, the website address should show "https" at the beginning. The "s" at the end of the "http" represents this link over the internet is secured by SSL encryption. Also, depending on your browser, you will probably see some sort of lock icon and green bar similar to this:

You can click on the lock in the URL bar to verify your browser has a secure connection.

Additionally you will see this icon on the left side of our store:

A leading provider of data security and payment card industry compliance, Trustwave, provides this seal. It shows they have performed a thorough assessment and determined this webstore meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements. If you click on the Trustwave seal to the left you should see a screen similar to the following:

On the left side of our store you should see the following seal:

If you click on this link it will bring up the following window:

This shows we have hired GoDaddy to scan our website for vulnerabilities. If you click on the seal you will go to a page on their website showing the current status of their findings.

If you ever find something strange or unusual about our site please let us know. Please call us toll-free at: 1-800-800-3060.